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Joanne Barnett, founder of JSB Consultants LLC, holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and is a Certified Life Coach. “A perennial life learner,” she is currently working simultaneously toward her MBA and her law degree at North Carolina Central University. The company’s consultants include tax accountants, Ms. Barnett founded her first company, a paralegal services firm, in her early 20s and flamed it to the ground before her 25th birthday through poor client relationship management. She learned from that experience the most basic lesson of business: good client relations is the foundation of business success. Her professional experience since then includes working in and managing companies that serve at-risk children and seniors. Clients Current and past clients of JSB Consultants and Joanne Barnett include: SAS Kinston Housing Authority St. Augustine University Gifted hands Home Care The B Lounge YBT MakeUp Tim Johnson Hair Studios Southeast High School The main objective of any business is to earn a profit and it is important for every business to grow in a specific direction keeping pace with the fast moving economy. Businesses need to keep a strict eye on every change taking place and make use of the vast opportunities that changes offer in a short amount.

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Consulting will help you assess your business scenario and offer you advice on tackling the challenges, making use of the opportunities and growing your business.

  My Previous Jobs
  • Consultant at Premark (2012 - 2014)
  • Manager at Kissko (2014 - 2015)
  • Freelance Consultant (2015 - present)

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What I do?

There are a number of ways in which the consultants can help businesses grow. The first thing that they do is re -evaluate the core targets and the present.

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